Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please Mind The Gap

I'm so sorry. I'm not dead. Although after 8 flights, 4 trains, two continents, a teething infant and a puking 4 year old there were times when I thought I was close.

We've just this second (such is my loyalty to you) walked in the door after three weeks showing Lucy off to every known blood relation in the Western world. We had such a brilliant time. I almost can't put it down in words right now without thinking what the chuff am I doing here in this self-imposed exile. I have so many wonderful photos to share - not all of them including sheep. I had meant to let you know I'd be gone for a while, but before we left the pantomime that is my life unfolded in such disastrous ways (tenants moving out leaving utter squalor, vacation coverage at work falling through, LK job carnage) that I literally just fled the country.

Now I'm back and I'm not happy about it - but at least the girls are sleeping!