Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy - Stick To Cold Hard Cash

Well, the necklace from the tooth fairy was a big hit. Too good to be true as it turns out. This is what happens when you think outside the box and try to outsmart the tooth fairy bringing money.....

Anna: taking the necklace out of her tooth fairy bag "Is this what I think it is?"
Me: "Erm, a necklace?"
Anna: "No, Momma, the tooth fairy has brought me my dearest wish!"
Me: Huh?
Anna: in a reverential whisper "It's an amulet!"
Me: "Erm...."
Anna: eyes rolling "Momma, an amulet is a necklace that has special powers. My dearest wish is to be able to fly. The tooth fairy knows this!"
Me: "Oh, well,....."
Anna: "Not like jet-pack flying. Real flying!!!"
Me: "Oh God"

She then rushed downstairs and demanded I came too - for a demonstration. She said, and I quote, "watch out Mom, I'm gonna put this on and I'm probably just gonna bust right through that ceiling! This is going to be awesome. I'm gonna go to school, but then I'm just gonna fly right off and visit Lucy at preschool, or maybe I'll just hang around school, you know, showing off and doing flips and stuff."

And then, my crazy, sweet, hopeful, beautiful dreamer of a girl put the necklace around her neck, closed her eyes and flapped like crazy.

She failed to 'bust through the ceiling.'

My heart was breaking for her. She was crushed. So I said "maybe it has different kinds of powers?"

Perhaps this wasn't my smartest move.

"Or perhaps it only works when I'm alone, or perhaps it needs to get used to me?" she offered. At this point I probably should have said 'or perhaps it's just a necklace?' Instead we get to her 2nd grade classroom about an hour later and she rushes over to her teacher, shows her the necklace and says "Look what the tooth fairy got me! My Mom says it probably has powers, like being able to talk to animals or something!" Her teacher gave me a look and one of those mouth-only, no-eye smiles that said 'well, that explains a lot.'

It's going to be an interesting parent-teacher conference.


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