Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's The Thought That Counts

I need your help.

I need to know what to get Anna's preschool teachers as a Christmas gift. I was thinking Coffee Bean gift cards, but I'm sure that's what everyone gets them, so what then? $20 in an envelope? I expect that's what most poorly paid preschool teachers would like - cold hard cash.

I asked Anna if she had any suggestions, but my question of 'what would your teachers like for Christmas?' was met with the reply 'a lot of rainbow coloured bunnies in a cage'. Hmm, note to self, don't include a 2 year old in the decision-making process. On the plus side, I now know what to get her for Christmas. Well, that and a diamond.

So in an effort to please I actually asked a teacher from the class above Anna. I said I was new to the 'thank the teacher' thing, and did she have any suggestions? She literally grabbed me by the hands, pulled me to her chest and looked me straight in the eye to say 'anything you get that is from the heart would be gratefully appreciated'.

Waaaahhhh!!! Inappropriate body contact. Inappropriate talk about feelings. I'm too English. Waaahhhh!!!

So, I need your help, because I'm not bloody asking another live human being. The hug risk is too acute.


Sugarplum's Mom said...

Well I've only heard about giving teacher gifts at the end of the school year in June.. one mom I knew put together a little beach bag for her child's teacher. She found some inexpensive items at target - a bag, a towel, a bottle of sunscreen and a paperback book. I thought it was a great idea.

AliBlahBlah said...

Sugarplum's Mom, good to know - I'd assumed I was supposed to give them a Christmas 'tip' but maybe that's not the case? I like the idea of the beach bag - and now I know that I should get them an end-of-year present. I knew you guys would have the answer!

skeletorswife said...

What are you so afraid of? I now consider you a hugging expert, your talents in this department have come so far! BTW you should be at home making hand made gifts for your teachers as well as the postman... get busy!

Anonymous said...

I used to stress so much about this too, but save it for the end of the school year. My suggestion is a movie theater pass. Just go to any theater box office and you can buy a block of vouchers good for movies, popcorn, or whatever at any theater in town. The teachers really appreciate something relaxing to do with their time off.

Veronica Foale said...

I would suggest a bottle of wine or chocolates. But that is just me.

I think they would appreciate anything, maybe a hand drawn card? (and chocolate and wine.)

Little Britainer said...

oh dear, I know exactly what those earnest, sincere "do it from the heart" comments do to the English mind... I feel for you.

Anyhow. I think the cinema tix and alcohol suggestions are good (most of the teachers I know are closet winos, but that could just be because they're English...) I also think these kind of situations are what Hallmark exists for. An xmas candle or decoration might not be that original, but better than sweating blood to think up something different.

Fresh Hell said...

Go with a gift card for Trader Joes. Teachers are embarrassingly underpaid and they are notorious booze hounds. With the card they can get coffee, booze, food, or sweets: all the necessities of an underpaid teacher who has to deal with screaming children all day long.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Being a teacher I would so recommend a gift voucher to anything! Book shop, food shop, wine shop, Target...anything.

We get lots of candles & home baked goodies too which are always welcome.


Lucia's Mom said...

I'm boring. I give a Christmas card with my daughter's photo on it, and a $25 gift certificate to each teacher (4) to the local giant grocery store/department store (Meijer). I hope it's ok.

AliBlahBlah said...

You are all brilliant and crikey I wish I was the preschool teacher for all your progeny, I would be rolling in loot right now. In the end I went with Chilly's suggestion of the movie tickets with the Trader Joe's gift certificates coming a close second (I'll be getting those for our transcriptionists though, so in essence everyone's a winner).

You're all stars now go and give yourselves a large glass of wine.