Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back. Home?

We're back. Back to DSL. Hoorah to an internet connection that doesn't give up every time the phone rings. LK types with two fingers and you should trust me when I say he wasn't too happy to spend forty-five minutes morse-coding out a message to J. and Skeletor only to have it zapped by a phone call from someone concerned with my Mum's bowels. The poor boy had to have fifteen pints of Landlord at the Black Swan (aka The Mucky Duck) to recuperate.

Am I glad to be back? Hard to say. As usual I really ache with missing family and England. My heart and insides feel like they've been beaten with a mallet. Although it's true that that pain could be down to the two packets of pork scratchings, pickled onion monster munch and the huge bag of treacle toffee I had before going to bed. Who can say?

Most of the reason I'm not so keen on being back, and the reason why I'm blogging jet-lagged and mopey at 3am, is the huge amount of *stuff* we have to deal with now we're back. This trip was of such monumental length that it allowed me to put off thinking about a lot of crap until we got back.

On a positive note though, I am really glad to be back in a country that has toilet-seat protectors in public bathrooms. Uncannily happy.

As promised, here are some photos:-

Me trying to order three wheels of goat-bollock cheese in the fromagerie.

Caught in the reflection in the shop window. This apparently is what I look like when I speak French.


Vite. Takez-vouz le picture. It's going to pleut any minute.

The view from our not-too-shabby apartment.


Mrs. Kennedy said...

Your French sounds just like mine. "Je veux un chambre aven un fenetre overlooking le Seine, and deux extra pillows, please."

Mrs. Kennedy said...

Avec. Sheesh.

AliBlahBlah said...

LK would like the record to reflect that he uses more than two fingers to type.

It just seems like he's only using two fingers.

susane said...

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