Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sounds Painful

Anna, last night while we're all fighting to stay awake until 8pm Pacific Time:

"Momma, I need a band-aid."
"You do?"
"Yep I do. A big one. I have an owie." *pained expression*
"Really, where?"
"Right here" - rolls up trouser leg and points to pristine chubby flesh
"Huh, I can't see anything, does it really hurt?"
"Yep it does. I have jet-leg".


Daffodilly said...

OK 12 packets is toooo much for one, plus the calorie total will be horrendous!

As you have just been to my hometown..Manchester & Ali is part of my name I think we could be related??? So send me a pcket of Wheat Crunchies pleaseeee! Only if they are bacon flavour though!

Eden Kennedy Onassis said...

Some parents blog for years and never get a line as good as that to post. WELL DONE.

Sugarplum's Mom said...


Rachel said...


Expatmum said...

Ooh, let me know if the band-aid works and i'll get some for our trip in July. It's taking me longer and longer to deal with jet-lag.

jenny said...

hahaha - this cracked me up! :)

Hyphen Mama said...

That's priceless!

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