Friday, June 06, 2008

It Takes A Village

Anna is turning "flea" in a few short days, and while I think it's miracle enough that LK and I have managed to feed, nurture and generally keep her alive for three whole years, I'd be wrong if I didn't take this opportunity to thank everyone else who's had a hand in growing her to be the loving, happy, precocious creature she is.

Apart from Lance's Dad, our families both live thousands of miles away from us. While their love and support has never been in question, it has also sadly been thousands of miles removed from our every day lives.

We went into this parenting lark knowing we didn't have the traditional family help so vital to raising a child. Fortunately we went in to it without realising you'd be insane to contemplate bringing up a child without a support network. Luckily we had you guys. Awesome people who fed, clothed, entertained and loved our child. People prepared to invite her to parties, to Easter Egg hunt with her in May, to have her sleep over, to watch her while we worked, drank, and played.

I can't express what it's meant to me, and to us, but most of all to Anna. To know that she has a village of her own:



Godless Sunday said...

I love the concept of "it takes a village" I use to thumb my nose at that idea as I thought I could do it ALL on my own (cue laughter)....but now I have been stunned to my senses. It really does take a are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much it means to me to be included in your "village"...and my children benefit from it as well. It really is a privilege to know all of you. Chilly

mmennen said...

You are so sweet and I appreciate your honesty as a parent, more than you know, since each day that goes by is taking me closer to choosing the non-parent route. So, Anna is of course special to me in that surrogate way. And I have never seen that photo - I love it! I could be Cruella daVille hiding behind a smile, or just a hiker who still thinks she is in NYC! Send more photos of me and Anna, so I can have them on my pomputer por favor ; )