Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

About a year ago I found this poster online and for obvious reasons, it resonated. Not only were we going through some hard times, but it was so quintessentially British, such a clipped, stiff upper lip war-time message that I had to have it. What a perfect inspirational mantra to have in my office while wrangling our finances I thought. Having found the poster through an artsy Swedish blog, I was quite pleased with myself, thinking I'd found something a little bit different.

Apparently I couldn't be more wrong. Oh yes AliBlahBlah, you are so edgy, so hip and urban. Like a pair of Marks and Spencers pants.

Imagine my disappointment, when visiting the Victoria and Albert museum last year to find an entire section of the gift shop devoted to this poster. Oh well, I thought, at least it would still be unusual in the States.

* Funny but true aside- one of the docs I work for asked me in my first year at the practice if I could contact the V and A for him. The Victoria and Albert Museum I asked thinking, crikey, that's a bit odd, but no, the VNA, Visiting Nurses Association. Much more useful for a neurologist but not half so interesting. *


While my Mum and Dad were staying in January, my Dad noticed an article on the BBC website about this very poster, 'the greatest motivational poster ever'. I had inadvertantly bought the 21st century version of the 'hang in there baby' cat poster.

It's a great story though. The poster was found in a dusty book shop in Alnwick and when reprinted and featured in a catalog 'all hell broke loose'. And I don't care if it's common as muck, it means a lot to me, and I may, possibly, be the first person to own it on our street (it's a small street) so that's cutting-edge enough for me.

Given the recent economic climate though, I think this version may be more appropriate:


Ali said...

Never fear, I fail at the cutting edge thing too. If it makes you feel better, I hadn't seen it before.

Hyphen Mama said...

It's new to me! But I super duper love the 2nd one!

Caroline Raggett said...

This is a polite version of Churchill's wartime mantra - KBO - Keep Buggering On.

MikeH said...

I saw the website, I read the story, I bought 2; both my wife and I need one in each of our offices.

Expat mum said...

There was a great one here about three weeks ago, with Obama looking decisive, in control and a teeny bit mean. It says:
"Chill the f*** out. I got it."
Just hope he does though.

ExpatKat said...

Find me at

karenyengel said...

Love that poster. Another poster idea comes from King Solomon and is one of my favorite sayings:
" This Too Shall Pass" See

AliBlahBlah said...

Karen - it's so funny you write that as 'this too shall pass' is a bit of a personal mantra for me, even getting me through some pretty major contractions when having Anna!!

GibsonGirl99 said...

Your (??) second version is bloody brilliant!!!!

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