Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fuh, Fuh, FIRE!

Firstly, a huge hello to all the readers of Julia's site who have accidentally clicked their way over here. Welcome! Feel free to walk around, admire the scenery and I will try and tidy things up a bit around here for you.

Actually, there I was, falling off my computer chair the other day when looking at my stats wondering where the chuff did all these new readers suddenly come from when I am used to only my Mum, my brother and a lovely lady from Missouri popping by and then suddenly hello interweb! It's a bit like coming home and finding 100 people on your couch nattering and having a cup of tea.

So there I was thinking, crikey, I'd better find something a little more entertaining to write about than me trying to cure Lucy's eye infection by squirting breast milk into her eye (you think you're surprised, you should have seen Lucy's face - she was like hey! lady! my mouth's over here!). When suddenly.........

Another wildfire.

Another mandatory evacuation.

So much worse than last time. 

We are camped out miles from home at a friends ranch (it doesn't hurt that it's gorgeous up here). I will post more later about the fire, but I will leave you with the fact that for 2 hours yesterday while the fire raged out of control, traffic snarled in every direction I couldn't get to either Anna or Lucy. That is a special kind of terror.

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