Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I woke up this Easter morning to a screaming 1 year old and the kind of hangover that only a girls night in a bar full of sugary cocktails can produce. Lucy wailed her sympathies in to my right ear. She has four teeth coming in at the same time. As someone who experiences fast labours I can sympathize - her pain is brutal, yet efficient. I never get to go out these days. LK took one look at my pale green complexion and raccoon eyes and said 'poor you, you finally got off your leash and you ran right in to traffic'.

Our kitchen counter was celebrating the Lord's day with a perfect coffee stain crucifixion. Someone was obviously trying to tell me something; it was either, go to church and celebrate that Jesus is risen, or, have a strong cup of coffee and sort yourself out. I chose the latter.

Lucy's pitiful screams had woken up her sister so I didn't get to race upstairs and place her chocolate bunny by the side of her bed. Instead I propped it up outside her door and did a little 'I think I just saw a bunny racing down the stairs' routine when she emerged from her room.

She wanted to know what the bunny looked like. My dessicated brain described something akin to Peter Rabbit; small, brown, furry etc. Anna furrowed her brow. 'Dada said when he saw him last year he was large and white, with white fur'. She didn't seem suspicious, just confused. It was too much for my poor hungover grey cells. I muttered something about him wearing a brown jacket and moving too fast to be sure. LK later gave me a verbal beatdown about not knowing what the Easter Bunny looked like. To which I replied - nobody knows what he looks like, he's a figment of the collective imagination. 'Like Santa Claus?' he replied? Touché.

Still, Anna refused to be thrown by the brown rabbit/white bunny controversy and a good time was had by all foraging for eggs in a friend's garden. We nursed Irish coffees like good parents and laughed at Lucy trying to hold an Easter basket whilst tripping on gopher holes.

Good times. Happy Easter all.


FeatherDuster said...

Great pictures, as always.
The one of Lucy from behind is so carefree.
And the coffee stain is kind of eerie, in a good way.
Hope you're well on the way to being over your "night before" ;-)

Denise said...

This photo is so blasphemous. I love it.

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