Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving On Up

Milestones happen no matter what you're going through.

Lucy is starting at Anna's preschool tomorrow. Her usual babysitter is taking a break for July and we had to find another option. For once, the universe aligned and helped us out. How often has that happened over the past 5 years? Not chuffing much. The teacher at Anna's preschool has a daughter who was looking for a summer job for a few days a week, we were looking for a sitter. Bingo. It means Lucy still gets one on one attention, whilst being able to transition in to the preschool. It also means that Anna and Lucy get to be at the same school at the same time, however briefly, which will be a huge help to Lucy's state of mind, and no small thing, makes my morning routine easier by a factor of about a million.

I can't wait to see how it goes. Lucy already loves the place and flings herself face down in the grass when it's time to leave Anna there. She loves the huge garden, the fruit trees, the kid-friendly natural play-structures, the paints and craft supplies, the child-sized chairs and easels. Here's a couple of photos of the two of them 'rocking out' at the school's Summer Celebration last weekend:

What kid doesn't love a child-centric environment, one that teaches them to rock out to 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley? I hope it goes well. I don't think it's a permanent transition, 18 months is still very young after all. Anna was just shy of two when she made her 'big leap forward':

Still, some people are practically born at preschool, others finally achieve preschool, and it seems Lucy is going to have preschool thrust upon her.

Go get 'em tiger! I'll take pictures I promise.


Lara said...

So cute! i especially love the second one--Anna really does look like a little rocker!

Morgan S. said...

Oh MAN is that last photo too cute!

Daffodilly said...

Looks like she is leaving home! I guess a girl can never have too many outfits!! How did she grow up so fast?

Tommie said...

first comment ever but have to say that the rockin' out pictures are cuter than words can convey. Love them. Hope preschool goes well and they enjoy being together during the day.

Anonymous said...

If its any consolation Kate started pre school at 18 months. She was in the same school as sophie and really loved it. Your life just got a tiny bit easier!