Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Do you want to hear something funny?

Anna in the back of the car whilst driving to Kindergarten (which she is loving).

"Momma, I need to ask you something but I don't think you're going to like it, so I'm going to cover my ears so I don't have to hear myself asking you"

(She wanted ice cream).

Do you want to hear something not quite so funny? Do you remember our tenant that was locked out and fell whilst trying to climb in to his second floor window, all because he didn't want to knock on his own front door and disturb his roommate who could be grumpy? Well, we received this letter recently from our liability insurer:

'The claimant has not filed a claim on this matter'

'It is our understanding he may file a lawsuit against you'.

Not quite so funny.


Almost American said...

On what grounds would he file a lawsuit?!!

AliBlahBlah said...

I know, it's amazing isn't it? I think it's driven by his health insurance company asking if anyone else could possibly be liable (he did fall off our property after all). God bless America!

Leah said...

Unfortunately, a lawyer is important now. Do you have any good friends or family who are lawyers? I know it seems like a ridiculous lawsuit, and Judge Judy would throw it out in an instant, but you need to protect yourselves.

Also wanted to share more assvice: I'm also an owner/landlord, and I have it written into my leases that I can come inspect once a month. It keeps small problems from growing into surprising disasters, nips things in the bud. Bring a digital camera and document everything. Then when they've left the dishes in the sink overflowing for MONTHS, and then email you that they (shock!) have roaches, you can email them the pictures and bill them for the services. Sorry for everything that you're going through!!

Ruth said...

Filing a lawsuit is not the same as winning one. His lawyer is probably telling him your insurance company will settle just to get rid of him.

I'm so sorry. You did NOT need this.

Anonymous said...

Well DAMN it. Maybe the insurance company only has two categories: definitely not suing and everything else.

Chin up.

And on the last post I never ever learned what Patrick did at kindergarten either.

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