Sunday, April 17, 2011

How To Celebrate A Royal Wedding

I was a little bit older than Anna is now when Charles and Di got married. I still have the mug:

I like to give it to blokes when they have a cup of coffee at our house, and watch them squirm. 

I wish we could be in England for the Royal Wedding. I'm not a huge royalist by any means, after all, the funeral of Princess Diana created a national day of mourning out of my wedding day. I do like a good excuse for a party though, and living in California makes me feel a little like Fergie - everyone expects me to be involved in some way, but my invitation's been lost in the mail.

I will not be getting up at 3am to watch the wedding, and we will not be having a street party to celebrate. After all, the last memorable thing that happened in our neighbourhood was a car being stolen. It was recovered on the West Side of town with an assassinated gang member in it.

The good news is we've found your car.....

Still, the girls are harf English, (although Anna admits to being 'mostly' American) and I want them to acknowledge the enormity of the day. Whatever camp you fall in, you have to admit it's a what-were-you-doing-on-the-day kind of event.

We had a street party when Charles and Di got married. I remember treasure hunts, bunting, girls dressed as princesses and my Mum being very cross that our black and white TV did absolutely nothing for the fabulous dresses and hats on display at St. Pauls.

Instead of throwing in the towel and calling it a normal Friday, I've decided to hold a Royal Wedding Tea Party. In the non-Sarah Palin sense. Girls in princess dresses and plastic tiaras, Mums with cups of tea or champagne. I've splashed out on Union Jack bunting and good old English cake and biscuits:

I'm also going to have another stab at making flapjack - and this time I'm going to line the tin so it doesn't have to be chiseled out and eaten oat by oat.

Royal Wedding fervour is just starting to ramp up over here. We have been relatively immune up until now. I think things may have got a little out of hand in the UK - considering this story from Huffington Post: Apparently Waity Katie's image was found Allah-like on a jelly bean....

My guests will just have to make do with a jammie dodger.


Lara said...

"Allah-like"--that was funny!

Elsie Button said...

i love the fact you give the mug to the blokes

my grandmother offered Dolly (my two year old)one of those iced biscuit ring thingys the other day. we later discovered that she had gone off and hidden it in her washing machine

Voyance gratuite said...

Some talk too much without saying anything! At least here I find what I want in a clear and precise bravo.

Midwest to Midlands said...

Have a fab party. I found a scrapbook of Charles and Di wedding in the attic.
Thanks for visitng my blog and have a great weekend.

Fluffy said...

Hi Allison - Papa John"s Pizza is offering a pizza with the likeness of Prince William and Kate. I think her hair is made from olives. Not sure, but from the picture I think he has peperonni for his shirt. I bet the queen would lve it. Fluffy

Achat bien said...

Nice work! I m too impressed.