Saturday, October 29, 2011

The F Word

Anna: "At school on Friday my friend Robert used the S-Word!!"

Me: Really?

Anna: "Yes, and to a new girl too. Her name is Lola and Robert said the S-word to her."

Me: "Wait, what is the S-word? Is it stupid?" Thinking, please be stupid and not shit.

Anna: "It's Shut-Up"

Me: feigning horror, "Wow, that's terrible. Poor Lola."

Anna: "I know. Robert is not nice. The S-word is not as bad as the F-word though. Robert says he knows the F-word. But I don't know the F-word. I think I could probably guess though."

Me: Thinking back to every harried morning commute over the last few weeks, every muttered expletive.... "Ummm"

Anna: I think it's "Forget - You!"

Me: Fuck that was close.


Michaela said...


Unknown said...

I didn't see it coming. Laughed out loud. good one.

Summerlandgirl said...

I knew it was going to be "shut up." Not kidding. Went through the same thing. lololol