Friday, June 22, 2012

Here's How Thankful I Am

Do your kids write thank you letters? I know it's the bugbear of every child and every party, yet it is nice to acknowledge that that thoughtfully wrapped gift didn't just disappear in to the void. If my Aunty can get a gift to Anna from Switzerland, then we can get a thank you to her as well. At some point...

When Anna was little I used to transcribe emails from her, asking carefully staged questions like "Dear Aunty X, thank you for the Y, the thing I liked most about it was....."

It was always funny to see how she saw fit to fill in the blanks. Sometimes I edited. When you see what happened below, you'll know why...

Anna is now at the age where she can put pen to paper herself, and as long as we just do one thank you letter a day she doesn't get overwhelmed. She sits at the table, and I sit across on the couch and shout out requested spellings. The other day she had taken a break from writing her magnum opus "The Spooky Old Pickle" and she was writing a thank you note to her friend H.  There she is above, deep in concentration. H's Mum was kind enough to get Anna a gorgeous swimming costume and the first two books in a horse series - something obviously very dear to Anna's heart.

This is what she wrote:

Dear H. 

Thank you for the swim suit and horse books. I wear the swim suit to camp every day. I love the horse books and have read them both. Tell your Mom to go get me the other ones.

Love, Anna

You can lead a horse to water.......

Fortunately Robin is a good friend and has a good sense of humour, because hell yes I sent it.


Al said...

My daughter gave her friend a top and some footless tights for her birthday. The friend responded with the thank you note: "Thank you very much for the lovely top and tits". Made me laugh.

Daydream Living said...

Glad you stopped by, sorry that I have little time to get together better, will do more blogging in a month or so.
Oh, I love California! It's on my list of favourites places, although I have to say, being Dutch, the UK has pretty places too, but I hear you,
it isn't California... Good luck with the plans!
Maureen x

Michaela said...

This just made my day.

AliBlahBlah said...

Al - I wished they called they tights over here and not pantyhose, I'd be calling teaching me girls to spell them as 'tits' in a heartbeat!

Michaela - thanks :-) your comment made my day too.

horoscope said...

You made my day so fabulous.Thank you so much.

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