Friday, September 07, 2012

2nd Grade

2nd Grade has meant a lot of changes for Anna. Not least the fact that she switched schools completely unexpectedly one day before school started. It's a long story, but we were basically one of the last rats to desert a possibly sinking ship. It's been two years of clinging to a school that seemed hell bent on self-destruction, and we did not have any other options. She was on waiting list after waiting list, and my friends had learned not to bring up the subject of schools so that I wouldn't still be on the same subject three hours and two margaritas later.

Then suddenly, during our flight back from Boston we got a call that a space had opened up at the local Charter School. We took a chance, and poor Anna had to start a brand new school 24 hours later. Not a lot of time to prep her, but the 50% of her that is American shone through and she approached it as an adventure, and an opportunity to make new friends, while I, her English mother, agonized over my poor little snowflake's psyche.

She was fine. Is fine, and is loving it. Her first day was described to me as "awesome" and to my dumbstruck father-in-law as having gone "charmingly".

Then of course, there's the introduction of homework. Something she never had at her old school. One of the saving graces about this new school is that Anna knows another friend who goes there, and her Mum who is Lucy's surrogate mother (not really, but yes, really) can pick Anna up two afternoons a week. No small thing considering the school is a year's carbon footprint a week away. The Arctic ice shelf has started to disappear at an alarming rate since we switched schools.

After her first day my friend took her back to her house, and asked if she had any homework to do.

"Sure" said Anna.
"Well, do you want to do it while Sophie does hers?" my friend tried
"No. It's HOMEwork. You do it at HOME" was Anna's too quick retort.

I think she's going to be just fine.


Laura said...

174Yay, Anna! Our girl will be a winner no matter where she goes! I can't imagine how life-sucking it has been for you for the past 2 years on the "sinking ship." After my girls' health, their educational opportunities are the dilemmas that keep me up at night! I hope Anna ends up loving her new school, and we all live happily ever after.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

You have SUCH a lovely way of writing! I am so enjoying reading through your blog posts!! I've signed up to subscribe!

You sound like you have a BRILLIANT daughter there! I love the way you saw the different nationalities shine through the story!! (And,. for the record, I'd feel just the same as a mummy - and then watch in amazement as my children barely look back!!).


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