Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Wose By Any Other Name

Meet the two newest members of the family:

Thanks to my friend Jen, the girls came home with these beautiful betta fish last week. I didn't know much about bettas before these guys came home. They are originally from paddy fields, so they're used to very shallow water and are kept in ridiculously small cups of water in the pet shop:

This is how the bettas were first housed, until we splashed out on $1.22 bowls from the charity shop. Thanks to Raph for the photo, and for putting it on facebook......

 Although as LK said - paddy fields may be shallow, but they are wide so he felt it only appropriate to liberate them from their tiny cups. More to the point, I was worried that a fish just lying around in a glass would be accidentally picked up and drunk. Especially when you see the photo above.

Ok, I was worried that I would accidentally drink a fish.

Another thing about betas - it's the boys that are pretty. Pretty beautiful, and pretty aggressive. Their alternate name is 'Siamese fighting fish' something we have yet to put to the test as they're in their own bowls as a preventative measure. No fighting to the death for you my boys! These aggressive lads have been named by my two girls. Are you ready for it? Meet:



"Rainbow Unicorn"

or as Lucy says 'Wainbow Unicorn'.

If I was a proud male beta that would make me a tad aggressive too. Any comedy pet names in your family history? Lucy's original fish was called Rose 'Wose' but he swam off this mortal coil after only 24 hours, likely due to the ignominy of his name.


LMM said...

My Lucy's first fish was a betta too...that she named "goldfish".
But...umm...Lucy, it's a betta, not a goldfish."

"That's why it's funny, Mommy!"

Shes said...

You don't need to put them in the same bowl to see the aggressive behavior (fin flare, aggressive swimming), just put the bowls so the two fish can see each other. Then put a towel inbetween for the rest of the time. Showing the fish himself in a mirror works also. Have fun!

Michelloui said...

I had one of these at university, a blueish one. He lasted well beyond university and stayed at my parents when I moved to the UK. I was quite proud of him--for being both very pretty and very long lived. I had a tall (I know), narrow, hexagonal tank with a light and white pebbles and one or two tall weeds and it was quite the accessory for a dorm room, if I do say so myself! Good luck with them!

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