Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh, Tooth Fairy

This is a rich town, and when Anna looked under her pillow two days ago and found $2.50 in quarters from the tooth fairy she was quite obviously disappointed. She even looked under the pillow in our bed - just in case the tooth fairy thought she'd spent half the night there, as happens more often than not.

Apparently her friends have been receiving all sorts of things under their pillows. Gift certificates. Toys. Paper money. A guinea pig. Ok, that last one was a joke.

The thing is, she has a lot of baby teeth, and I'm not about to jump on the Santa Barbara bandwagon and start handing out stock portfolios with a little pixie dust every time she loses a tooth. Plus, even though I'd been given fair warning about a wobbly tooth, it fell out at 9:30pm leaving Mr and Mrs Tooth Fairy in a bit of a last minute scramble.

What does the tooth fairy bring in your household? I think I remember getting 10p, which I may ask my brother to corroborate. I know if I ask my Mum she'll roll her eyes via Skype and say 'I haven't a clue'.

Eventually, things cheered up around here. Not least because when she got in the car to school with her friend Sophie and said she'd lost a tooth and got ten quarters, Sophie replied "cool", which was exactly what Anna - spoiled brat - needed to hear. Later on that day she also said "you know how you know it's the tooth fairy? Because where else do you get these bags? You never see them!" Well, the answer is, I got this shimmery, gauzy, fairy-like drawstring bag at the Nordstrom make-up counter and I begged it off a Nordstrom-ite for free. You go tooth fairy! I also polish up the quarters I give her using good old HP Sauce, so that each coin has an extra gleam of other-worldness.

Mollified by Sophie, and putting on the back-burner the knowledge that friend R. received $10 and three model aeroplane kits for his latest tooth (how big is this boy's pillow??!!!), she carried on her day and started practicing her lisp.

Two days later she lost another tooth. This one didn't so much fall out, it was more like assisted dental suicide, having learned from her father that when a tooth is very wobbly it can be helped along with some fingers and a plier-like action. Urgh.

Anna holding her tooth-keeper necklace. That is not a life-size tooth that has fallen out of her mouth - despite the fact she is American and Americans do have giant teeth.

This happened at school and she came home with a brilliant tooth-keeper necklace that she was understandably very proud of:

Now who's glad she didn't spend $$$ on a tooth. These things are dropping like flies. Anna has now announced that she 'looks like a beaver' having lost both teeth surrounding her lower two teeth, and when I asked what she was going to do when she lost her wobbly top tooth (the thing is days away....) she said 'then I shall just have to call myself a jack-o-lantern'.

Smart stuff. Actually, as I write this, she is fast asleep with the tooth fairy bag under her pillow filled with a flower-shaped necklace from Claire's. Because the tooth fairy is a victim of societal pressure and Mr. Tooth Fairy had time to pop to the shops.

Now Lucy, aged three, is convinced she has a wobbly tooth. Of course she does, that one never misses a trick.


Expat mum said...

My 9 year old has stopped losing teeth, thank god. I was caught short so many times and of course, the Tooth Fairy got all the blame. I think I might have given him a dollar - when I remembered.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh I really like that tooth keeper. REally sweet. It is bonkers isn't it what some parents do. I gave 50 p or a £1 (blimey, I can't remember which). My daughter used to leave messages for the tooth fairy and I used to respond pretending I was the tooth fairy - Fluttertina was my name. Gawd, the things you do eh?

Elinor said...

I think I would get 10p or 20p from the tooth fairy (I was losing teeth in the mid-80s, if that's any help). I think for a 'big' tooth (molars) I once got 50p and I felt RICH. Since, like Anna, I also learned how to encourage my teeth to fall out, the 50p rate didn't last long.

That tooth keeper is very cool, Anna looks justifiably chuffed with it.

MsCaroline said...

I was the worst at forgetting to put money under the pillows - can't remember how many times MrL and I would follow a disappointed child back to his room in the morning, saying, "Are you sure you looked everywhere? Did you check under the bed? It might have fallen out when you got up." Followed by a little sleight-of-hand placing the forgotten cash somewhere while 'helping' to look. As I recall, the first tooth was a bit of a jackpot ($5) complete with sparkly golden confetti (I had some leftover from something) and a note written in silver paint pen. The following teeth were greeted with much less fanfare.

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