Friday, April 20, 2007

Snow in Santa Barbara?!

When I woke up yesterday morning there was snow on the mountains. It's April, in Southern California, and there's snow on the foothills. It's extraordinarily beautiful, as you can see by the photos below, which weren't taken today because I have a child now and stuff to do, and I can't just go prancing around taking pictures for you people, OK?

Really though, what's going on with the weather? I don't pay fifteen billion dollars a year in property taxes to have this sort of caper when my Mum is repeatedly calling me to tell me how beautiful it is in North Yorkshire right now. 'Hotter than Tenerife' no less, which must have been the headline on Look North. I can see it now,'Scarborough; hotter than Tenerife, sunshine and chips, why fly south?'

Anyway I digress. I'm sure this is just a late storm, and normal 75ยบ weather will resume shortly, and I'm damn sure that as soon as our plane hits the tarmac at Leeds Bradford Airport in a couple of weeks my delicate Californian daughter is going to be suffused in drizzle and look up at me in horror, her eyes searching mine going 'but why?'.

This could be climate change, but I'm fairly sure I heard someone mention we were having a 'La Nina' year, effectively the opposite of El Nino. Both of which I would love to tell you about, being as how I am a geography graduate and all, but I sort of, ahem, missed that lecture and had to resort to my friend S's lecture notes. I remember typing them up, reading 'El Nino, 50 Thousand Pacific Sea Birds Die! Possible sunspots?' and thinking, hang on a minute, that can't be right, sounds like Miss S dozed off for a few minutes this morning if you ask me, and really, what are the chances of this esoteric geography rubbish ever coming up? Now of course I'm living it. Another one of those sterling decisions I've made in my life, like choosing not to learn Spanish in the sixth form because we were not the type of family that took package holidays to the Canary Islands. Well done, AliBlahBlah, very perceptive.

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