Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things that have made me laugh recently:-

You either laugh or you cry, so I've had to laugh recently at my huge health insurance rate hike, and the fact that we're flying to the UK in one week and LK still does not have his passport, yet despite these trying times, the following things have genuinely made me laugh out loud and need to be shared:

  • Definitely this and this, there is clearly no point trawling the internet for good stuff when these two excellent writers are already hot on the trail.
  • The fact that Anna likes to eat her hot dogs with peanut butter and her strawberries with ketchup. De-licious.


  • My Mum, who always has a fairly random e-mail sign-off sentence, hitting her zenith with this particular gem; "I have been really busy digging over the soil in the greenhouse, although I had to rescue the resident frog first. I hope the mushroom compost doesn't upset it, it smells a bit pungent. Love Mum."
  • And finally the fact that someone found my blog by googling 'should young boys get a perm an set', or my absolute favourite 'how to stop being a nagging wife'.


Anonymous said...

Not to add fuel to the fire, but I just heard at my convention this week that they will not even allow you on a plane out of this country if your passport is due to expire within 3 months. Yet another thing they don't tell you till you get to the airport. Good news is it won't apply to LK provided he gets his in time :) PS: Be sure all your liquids are 3.5 oz. or less and in a ziplock bag. Chilly

Mrs. Kennedy said...

Yes, and if you want to whisk though airport security, make sure you're traveling in Crocs and a bikini. They don't tell you that when they give you your green card, but that's how we sort out Real Americans from you foreign types. You've got to work on that accent, though.

I could get shot for telling you this, you know.

Fresh Hell said...

I find that the best way to bring a smile to a distressing situation is to laugh at the misfortune of others. Is that wrong?

April said...

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Anonymous said...

Anna is so cute i miss her already, Your a pretty good writer. Miss you all. Raph