Thursday, August 16, 2007


Anna's fine. No reports of stomach ache nothing; although as my Dad said, she would hardly be reporting 'pain' would she, after eating fee ibuprofen?

So, yes, a close call, and with the Zaca fire too which is continuing to burn furiously, but in a different direction. We're out of harms way for the moment, but it's still snowing ash and casting a surreal pink-orange glow over Santa Barbara that's making it feel like a perpetual Hawaiian sunset. Mai Tai anyone?

After all that drama coupled with the continued volatility in the US sub-prime housing market, I'm sure you're as ready as I am for a bit of light relief........

Here we go, where're my Massholes at?


Anonymous said...

loved tea Parte!

Fresh Hell said...

Ha! You think you're sooooo funny. We Massholes are only half WASP. So I only half enjoyed this and the other half was quietly indigant.

We made it back to the Bay State. All four pieces of our luggage were lost for two days after being re-routed across the country because our first flight was delayed three hours. Not the best ending to a vacation, but everything was found and balance has been restored to the universe. x

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