Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well I Never

I PR'd - according to LK, which does not mean Puked whilst Running, it means Personal Record, which is the kind of thing an American would know and a Brit would not.

58mins 2 sec no less. Apparently dropping a sprog has made me faster - who knew? Maybe it's because my post-nursing boobs have caused my centre of gravity to shift 2 feet lower?

It's amazing how beating your previous best time by over a minute makes you consider the possibility of doing the race again next year, except faster.

Not bloody likely!!

Still, thanks to Chilly for these photos - I truly can't believe I'm smiling in all of them.....


Eden Kennedy Onassis said...

It'll be all your fault if Jack and I do the race next year, too.

Kathy from NC said...

Did you see this yet?

Little Britainer said...

I think in English English (or, as my American boyfriend calls it, 'your english), we say 'PBed' for personal best(ed). Congrats! (Belated).

Reema dsouza said...

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