Monday, September 03, 2007

Were You Born On The Sun?

It's hot; muggy and hot.

The nice thing about Santa Barbara is that there's only a couple of days a year when you need air conditioning and a couple of days a year when you need central heating. The unfortunate thing about Santa Barbara is that because of this, most houses have neither.

I feel molten. I am fantasizing about thunder and lightning, about the clean smell of rain, and the swishing of car tires on wet roads. Instead I'm surrounded by white heat, glare and stultifying air. I feel like I'm cooking from the inside.

At least our present house has a lovely cave-like living room, unlike our previous apartment which would get so hot that candles would melt. Unfortunately the computer is upstairs, so sorry, I was going to write a post about my upcoming 10th Wedding Anniversary *yikes*, but urgh, the heat.

It's like living in one of LK's tennis socks.

Instead I think I might just have a nice cold shower and go and stand in front of a fan, so in lieu of a proper post here's what happens if you give a 7-year-old felt tip pens and sweets.......(markers and candy for you Yankee Doodles).......

I think your buttyful too.


fluffy said...

On what kind of island does my grandchild have you trapped? Congratulations on the TRI - Don't let Jennifer weasel out next year. Happy anniversary.

AliBlahBlah said...

Fluffy, your granddaughter is a RIOT.

I will definitely make sure Jennifer does the Tri next year - especially after what she put me through in a weight training class yesterday - I don't think I could have felt this bad even if I'd just done the long course!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jennifer is definitely ready for a triathlon. She doesn't even hurt and my body hasn't ached this much since I rode a mechanical bull. Chilly

jenB said...

That is super cute, the notes, I mean. :-)