Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Armageddon Wet

It's raining
It's pouring
And my old man is snoring....

LK works outside, so when it rains, he pours.....himself another large cup of coffee and settles in to watch the Australian Open. And crikey did it pour down today. It may not rain often in this dear old town, but when it does it is a thing to behold. No polite British drizzle here, the storms slam in straight from the Pacific and literally spew rain.

Here's a quick shot of some disappointed car owners only a couple of blocks from our house:

So there's me thinking that after working all day, dealing with feisty transcriptionists and a backed up office sink gushing rainwater that I'd earned some downtime. In our cobbled together marriage rules, working trumps not working in terms of Anna-sitting and sundry domestic duties so I'm driving home thinking, I'm chuffing golden.

Imagine my surprise when I suggest the vaguest possibility of going to the pictures with the girls and he says:

....'but you had a bath last night'.

If there was ever a sentence that summed up marriage after children it would be that one. And for the record, I did go to the movies, which must kill my free time allowance until about March I'd say.


Anonymous said...

well - i'm a novice at this...I just responded and for some reason, it didn't goes... at least you got to have a bath!! living in sb in an apt with only a stand-up shower doesn't allow me the luxury of a bath. i suppose I could jump in the "puddle" behind that truck with my rubbier duckie but it wouldn't be the same as a hot tub with nora jones on the cd, candles, glass of wine and bon-bons... :)
be careful it's storm watch 2008! DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.... as the newscasters say! I'd love to see these Californians drive in the snow - if this posts twice, oops

jenny cook said...

hahaha! i have heard nearly them same words out of my husband's mouth about a bazillion times. men. and then he gets to galavant around whenever he wants. errrr.

hope you had fun with the girls!

Sugarplum's Mom said...

HAHAHAHAHA - That's priceless!

Little Britainer said...

Very funny! Bizarrely, my tiny studio flat has a bathroom that's nearly the same size as the flat. It has a great bath (although it took me six months to figure out the plug - it's got some kind of fancy switch, rather than something you stuff in the plug hole and then inevitably pull out accidentally with your feet) and I make good use of it. The American boyfriend is totally confused as to why I'd want to wallow in my own dirt. I have no excuses. It's perfect.
I hope you had both another good bath and a good night with the girls!

itsgrimupnorth said...

A bath one night, then out with the girls the next night. Surely that's two nights of downtime in a row and unjustifiable. Therefore LK must be allowed to play golf both Saturday AND Sunday this week.

Expatmum said...

The other way to sneak a bath in is to be ill (or sick) depending which language we're speaking. I woke up today with a bad sinus headache, took some Advil Cold which made me feel even worse, and weakly told hubby that I needed to ie down until whatever was the matter went away. I must have looked paler and wanner that usual as he suggested I have a nice, long bath. Bit of talcum powder on the cheeks might achieve the 'pale and wan' look if you're healthy!
Picking up on Little Britainer's point - why do all Americans think we still work down mines and bath only once a week? Showering or bathing every day as I do, the bath water barely changes colour but my husband still thinks I'm sitting in my own muck!

Mrs. G. said...

First off, that is possible the most adorable header photo ever.

Second, I am glad you went to the movies. Even though it means you may not be able to bathe for a while.

Linda said...

holy crap that's MY home town you've got a flood picture of! Maybe it's MY American dream you're living there in Santa Barbara! Oh, and by the way there is a street there named "Bath" if that's what's important to you. Funny blog. Since I'm a fellow (if former) Santa Barbarian, I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I blog walked and somehow made it here. That was a great read. The DH's can be so annoyingly amusing sometimes.

Love your blog, I'll def. be back.

Daffodilly said...

Oh my god you took a bath!!!!

Don't you just love men?

gingajoy said...

oh GOD the endless bargaining and measuring of whether he/she has had more 'me' time than the other. My man being the stay at home one right now, I am totally screwed in that department -- understandably so.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

where oh where is the cast iron constitutional rule book for marriage? A well thought out, equal document that gives well-deserved rests to mothers and insists on trips to the spa/mountain biking/movies/whatever. this magical treatise would eliminate all niggly arguments forever more.
I want that rule book, please!

Cathy said...

That could have been a conversation overhead at our house!

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