Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little White Lies

Anna's birthday is coming up so I'm teaching her how to lie.

I suppose you could say I'm teaching her how to be 'diplomatic' considering she apparently already knows how to lie.

She has a strappy sundress that is now strapless - found lying on our bedroom floor this morning, four straps snipped cleanly off.

I asked Anna if she'd done it. 'Nope' she answered, eyes unblinking, 'Lucy must have done it.' As much as I would like to believe my 17 month old possesses the fine motor skills necessary for using scissors, I was sceptical. Besides, Anna has already tried to pin some graffiti on her sister - the word 'LUCY' written on every wall in our house. Nice try sunshine.

I bent down, looked Anna in the eye and asked her again.

"It's a mystery!", she cried, and then, "We should investigate! I wore it yesterday and took it off for bedtime, so we know it happened at night.......... so we know that whoever did it is...................nocturnal!"

Really, I'm at a loss for words.

You'll have to agree then that she's a pretty adept fibber, and I'm obviously working on cracking her story.....yet at the same time I'm trying to teach her about thanking people appropriately for their gifts. While we were in England she was given two presents that she a) had already got, or b) just didn't want. Which is unfortunately exactly what she said. "But I already have this".

I tried saying, no this book is about the same character, but it's a different story, "err, no it's not Mom, it's exactly the same. It's the same book. I already have this one".

Then there have been many times when she gets something and she just doesn't want it. "No thanks! I don't like it." She beams. "Maybe Lucy will want it?" Helpful, but not exactly polite.

Prepping her for her upcoming party I've been telling her about not hurting people's feelings. I can just see her receiving a 3rd copy of the same barbie movie and saying "Thankyou that's lovely".

"Right Mom? Isn't that what I'm supposed to say if I don't like it?"


Maggie May said...

Polite lying. White lying. Little white lies. It's all there.

daisyfreya said...

Nice post with a sweet idea. I have bookmarked this and will look for new updates.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

She should get a lot of credit for using the word nocturnal. It almost cancels out the bad debt of lying??!!

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