Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Tao of Anna

Short but achingly sweet:

Anna: There's no such things as monsters really Momma is there?
Me: No, definitely no monsters love.
Anna: Then I guess we have absolutely nothing to worry about!

I wish I could take this from my heart and transplant it to my brain as I lie awake, once again, in the small hours of the morning worrying. Does anyone have any sleep tips? That don't involve medication? I am awake from 2-3am til 4-5am every night. I should hire myself out to look after newborns. After two children have I lost the ability to sleep through the night?

We need a holiday. I may be sleepless, but LK is also stressed. He slept in last Monday (he has Mondays off to look after the girls). For some bizarre reason he woke up thinking it was Tuesday and that I had gone to work leaving him with both girls to get up, dressed, fed and dropped off at their various day-cares before he went to work. Never mind the fact that this NEVER happens. He never has to drop the girls off against the clock, only on Wednesdays when he doesn't have to be at work til the afternoon. Anyway, he went in to LK hyperdrive, running around like a headless chicken cursing me for letting him sleep in, hurling Lucy in to her clothes, telling a sleep-fogged Anna that 'there's no time for crying'! as he buckled them in to the car and gave them cups of dry cereal for breakfast. It was only as he was calling to apologize for Lucy's lateness that my friend Jen said 'it's Monday'. I'm sure she was at that very instant thinking 'wait, it is Monday isn't it?'. Suddenly he was left with an entire day to fill and two tear-streaked daughters in the backseat with nowhere to go. As I say, we need a holiday.

Fortunately for us we have blown caution to the wind and we're going! Home! Volcanoes permitting...... Now I just need to worry about how I'm going to pack.


Anonymous said...

My sleep tip is.......jet-lag! And you're coming home! Hooray! I'll give you a call some time - even if we don't get to see you, I have your old home number etched into my brain. Sxx

aftml said...

wow. i *hate* it when i wake up and think it's tuesday. maybe yer hubby also needs a calendar?
i kid.
sleep tips? drop caffeine *entirely* - which is ruthless. and cruel. but it's amazing how that stuff'll wire you up. already caffeine free? i'd go with deep breathing? yoga? i don't know. i was having that problem and cutting the coffee totally fixed it.
i hope you find sleep soon. that is so maddening, i know.
sending you the sleep faeries.

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Oh you poor thing - only thing that has worked for me sleepwise when I'm totally wired is a relaxation CD, worth a try?

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