Monday, July 16, 2012

The Games People Play

LK loves to find treasures at thrift stores (charity shops, for those in the UK). Some of his finds are pretty good:

and some, well, you get what you pay for.

Take this game of Jenga. You create a tower from wooden blocks, and each player takes a turn pulling out a brick and placing it on top, creating an increasingly unstable structure. Perfect rainy-day family fun, except it never rains here.

The girls opened the package and started building a tower out of the blocks. They were pretty excited to begin playing and called us over to take part.

"Err, you might want to take this one back to the thrift store" I tell LK after only the briefest of glances at the game.

"You can't take stuff back to thrift stores" says LK.

"Oh I'm pretty sure you can take this back" I say as I hand him one of the blocks, the one that says 'fake an orgasm'. Each one of the blocks had a handwritten message on it, 'mas cerveza', 'take a shot from the belly button of the person on your left', 'remove an item of clothing'. You get the picture.

"Oh man" says LK


"I totally went to the wrong college. Where were these parties when I was at school and what the hell is 'lefties'?"


Meanwhile Anna wants to know how to fake an organism, so we start talking about bio-ethics and Dolly the Sheep as LK packs up the game making sure to read every single block.

This is the PG-rated selection, but somehow I don't think 'lefties' means 'socialists'.


Kristina said...

Oh my, that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I am dying laughing here. 'Fake an organism'. What did the thrift store say when you took it back?

nappy valley girl said...


When I was a student on a ski holiday we played Jenga every night and whoever lost had to get up early and buy the croissants the next morning. We were obviously far too tame compared to whoever was playing THAT version.

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