Thursday, July 12, 2012

How The Real World Eats

I get home at about 6pm with both girls and LK walks in at about 7:30pm. While I'm waiting for him to get home I feed the girls. As soon as he walks in the door I head out to go for a 30min migraine-busting run. Consequently we eat late, and as I have my lunch hour from 12 til 1 at work, I'm ready to gnaw the ulnar of an unsuspecting child by the time dinner's on the table.

Tonight I came home and as dinner was cooking, I helped myself to a few crisps (chips). LK chimes in "your body rebuilds after a run with whatever you eat directly after", so I counter "well, where's my perfectly balanced dinner waiting for me when I get home?" He fires back "you should have run longer". So there we are, a happily married couple bickering away due to low blood sugar.

Cut to me, wishing the Trader Joes frozen Cioppino would cook a little faster, turning the gas up and watching it boil.

LK: It's boiling already.
Me: I just want it to cook faster, I'm hungry.
LK: It's not going to boil any boilier.

I had to laugh. We need a wife.

Do any of you work long hours and still cook when you get home? How do you avoid reaching for pre-made junk food or ordering a takeaway? I suppose I could eat with the girls as soon as I get home and let LK eat alone, but I think that way I'd end up eating two meals and defeating the whole purpose of a run!


Nimble said...

It's all a bit depressing. I pick up kids and get home around 5:30. I am ready to eat then and in fact sometimes start eating while I'm rooting around getting something for the kids. What I get for htem is less formal than a meal but more substantial than a bowl of cereal. My husband fends for himself most evenings when he gets home. When the weather's cooler I will cook more but usually I do it in the evenings or on weekends so we have homemade food things in the fridge for pulling out and eating. Why does cooking for the family make my brain feel dumb?

jill said...

I cook several meats at one time on the weekend, freeze and then reheat. I have 2 crockpots, the oven, and the stove all going. I put a bag of chicken breasts in the crockpot and then use them for tacos, fajitas, spaghetti, etc... I cook several pounds of ground beef in the other crockpot and do the same. Only way I can manage to put together a decent meal.

itsgrimupnorth said...

Post-run nutrition is vital. You need a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and you need to replace salts lost through sweating/glowing. That's 4 bags of fizzy cola bottles to 1 bag of pork scratchings. I have also done extensive research on fluid replacement strategies if you're interested.

nappy valley girl said...

You need chocolate milk, have you not been watching those Olympics ads? :-)

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