Monday, December 31, 2007

Parlez-vous Nemo?

This will probably only make sense if you've seen Finding Nemo as many times as I have, but then if you have even a passing relationship with anyone under eight I'm sure that includes you anyway.

Anna, sitting on a bench waiting for our friend to fail to appear from the Santa Barbara Air Bus (upon seeing it pull up she squealed 'Ganny & Ganddad are back!', ouch).

Anna, to random nice lady: 'My name is Anna'
RNL, 'hi Anna, my name is Random Nice Lady'
Anna, 'I have a lot of Nemo toys at my home. A LOT'.
RNL, smiling a little nonplussed, 'really?'
Anna, 'yes, twenty-ten'.
RNL, 'how old are you Anna?'
Anna 'I am two'
RNL, 'two, wow I'm impressed, you speak well'
Anna, brightening, 'I do speak whale, oo-ee-arr-oo'
RNL '----'


Oh, The Joys said...

This IS very funny.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I was going to write and say that twenty-ten is one of Greg's favourite numbers, but it's actually twenty-twelve. How much would you love us if we sent Anna another 2 Nemo toys? S x

Little Britainer said...

She's a bright one. Finding Nemo was actually on the beeb this Xmas in the UK--I think it ranked somewhere between Eastenders--Xmas Special, Part 1 and Doctor Who in the countdown of most-watched programme over the holiday.

Sugarplum's Mom said...

awww... I love the 20-10. And it looks like she speaks fluent whale too.. what a talent!

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