Friday, December 07, 2007

Seven Silly Stories About Me

With apologies for the satellite delay, here's the meme that Villa Luna tagged me on. I'm not sure if they all qualify as 'silly' but they're all pretty chuffing embarrassing.

Late one night in my first year at University a group of friends decided to come round to my room for the evening. Uncertain of the state of my room and not wishing to embarrass myself, I decided to race off in front so I could do a quick tidy before the hoards arrived. Unfortunately in my haste I tripped on a flight of stairs. My guests were greeted by the sight of me sprawled on the concrete, skirt over my head flashing a very questionable pair of knickers.

2. When my brother and I were very small I wanted to put a picture up in my room. We decided where it was going to go, and he kindly offered to bang in the nail for me. My Dad happened to be walking past my bedroom window at the time - approximately three seconds before my brother would have hammered that nail an inch above the light switch and electrocuted himself to death.

3. I once asked a French teacher how to spell 'double-v' (W).

4. I've been involved in 3 minor car accidents. Two of them have been in a garage.

5. When Anna was seconds old and handed to me for the first time I was so deranged I thought 'bloody hell, a baby'.

6. When LK and I first met we drove cross-country together from CA to NY in a VW Rabbit (a Golf to you Brits). For a reason that is too complicated to explain we had a surfboard on the roof. Whilst driving through Arizona we passed through a torrential downpour. I went "oh no, the surfboard" to which LK replied "shit yeah, we'd better not get it wet".

7. When I was very much younger I 'found' my cervix (don't ask), and thought I was dying of cancer. I never told a soul.


Sugarplum's Mom said...

OMG - those are hysterical. When I was 12 my aunt got married in Lake Tahoe. She served steak and lobster at the reception. My mother commented about how fresh and tasty the lobster was - I supposed they must have gotten it out of the lake.

mmennen said...

Number 7 definitely warrants more explanation -- but I understand if you don't want to post it!

Daffodilly said...

I hear you about the birth part!

When my daughter ws born I thought that she had Down Syndrome as she kept on sticking her tongue out! I did not know that she was routing for milk!

Daffodilly who is now the wiser..or a little bit anyway!

jenny cook said...

hahaha - these are great. i really like #4. i've only been in *two* accidents. um, i backed into the same car twice - eeek! hahaha!

Little Britainer said...

V funny! LK should have been more touched by your concern about the surfboard, I think. Maybe it was your Brit reflex, the car-trip equivalent of "Oh no, the washing's out!!"

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