Friday, February 15, 2008

He Who Laughs Last... never usually me.

Twenty valentines later, I pick Anna up at school yesterday to discover, twenty unopened cards in a bag stuffed on top of the pigeonholes!! A very apologetic teacher explained they must have been overlooked in the general valentine melee, but still.

I can't win.

I know Anna ended up having a great time, and I know that none of her two year old cohorts are going, 'wait, Anna gypped us, let's kick her arse'. It's also good to know that of the 19 cards she came back with 80% were shop-bought (yay other preschool parents, solidarity in our crapness).

Still. Roll on Valentines 2009. I'm going to own you.


Then, as if going to the 'drug store' (chemists) to buy sundry ladies items wasn't bad enough, attention can really be drawn to the fact you're standing in front of the 'unmentionables' section when your toddler looks up and goes 'Mummy, oh no'. I'm thinking, what? surely she's not critiquing my choice of lubricant (ahem) when she starts a little lubricating of her own.

Clean up on aisle 4, someone had 'a accident'.


On a brighter note (slaps that smile right over those gnashing teeth). A huge thankyou to ExpatMum for these awards:

Deeply humbled etc etc.

Raises cup of tea aloft *cheers my lovelies*.


Rachel said...

This is so funny. I loved the Halloween story as well. I'm so glad I'll escape most of the cultural school faux pas. Although I might sneak in a few since Noah start nursery this next week!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?? After you agonized over those cards they didn't give them out? That would've put me over the edge. I'm sure you handled it properly with an "Alright then, no worries". I'd have had someone's ass. Gee, maybe that's why the British have a better reputation...Chilly

family affairs said...

That explains how a billion pounds is spent on Valentines day....well done for your awards...we've got the same ones now! Sorry about presenting you with that horrible creature in the middle of the night...