Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day/Mothering Sunday

Rare photo of me caught in the act of 'mothering'.

Did you know that the UK and the US have different dates for Mothers Day? I'm sure every US/UK expat is more than aware of that logistical nightmare thank you very much.

In the UK 'Mothering Sunday' is tied to Easter and is thus a 'floating holiday' usually floating in to my consciousness the minute I turn my 'Yorkshire Beautiful' calendar over from February to March and realise YET AGAIN that Mothers Day is mere days away and I'd better getter my arse on pdq.

It is not easy to track two Mothers Days, or at least that was LK's excuse this time last year when we were England. I dug deep into my passive-agressive personality when I informed him he'd best call his Mom as it was Mothers Day in the States. I watched his Adams apple bob as the repercussions hit home.

"You're not my Mom" he countered.

To be honest, fair play, I'm not, but we both knew that such an approach would jeopardize his Fathers Day golf game. A handcrafted 'Anna special' card and a few hastily plucked flowers from my Mum and Dad's garden about fifteen minutes later meant we had entered into a new detente. I think we both knew that 1 for 2 for Mothers Days was not an auspicious start and that he'd have to come up trumps in 2008.

At least I think we both understood that. The Lakers do in fact have a play-off game tomorrow so we shall see.


Updated to add:

Here's just a small selection of the thirty+ homemade Mothers Day cards I received this morning:

These, coupled with a picnic with friends at a private beach this afternoon, I would say he is *redeemed* wouldn't you? and I will now officially quit my damn whining.


Sugarplum's Mom said...

Good Luck! When is it in the UK? In Mexico I believe it's always May 10th. I have a co-worker who celebrates both days :) and it's her birthday tomorrow to boot.

Expatmum said...

Yes, but you had to work hard for that girl. I always have to mark the UK Mother's Day on my calendar first thing on January 1st so as not to offend.