Monday, May 05, 2008

Weddings: Part Deux

Where was I? Oh yes, so we came back from London, having had a simply marvellous time running around being both childless and childish, and taking ridiculously touristy photos like these:

This doesn't look at all like London does it?

We had a fantastic time staying with some old friends Eggy & Tom at their shamefully fabulous place which made me want to start working harder in life, and then I realised I quite like having Fridays off and must content myself with living in squalor. Sunny squalor. I did have a long hard lust at their bookshelves in the guest bedroom where I wanted to read 89.9% of their entire collection, and only then because I'd already read 7.8%. My second night away from the creature ever, a skinful of fantastic wine and all I wanted to do was stay up all night and read. Prize for wife of the year right here please.

We literally stepped off the train from London and my brother's wedding arrived.

Thanks to my cousin Andrew for the photos.

And it was absolutely perfect. Even the terror of me doing a reading, and LK being the best man and having to do a speech to rival the Father of the Bride and the groom (no easy task) did not detract from the day. It was one of those weddings where everything seemed to go right. Of course I missed the juiciest part of the night as Anna fell asleep on my shoulder at 10:30pm, and if she could sleep on me while I was dancing to 'Night Fever' then all was lost and I clearly had to take her to bed.

I missed dancing with my brother (who dances so well only the fact that he was the groom would make you not question his sexuality), and I may never forgive Anna for the fact that I missed the bacon butties brought round at midnight.

The amount of love in that room was overwhelming (and not just from my brother's friend who was trying to mate with everything in a skirt). It sounds trite, but it was very life-affirming to be surrounded by all those people that I love, and to see them so happy.

Thanks P & L, I think you made me realise that things can never be truly bleak when everything we'll ever really need we have.

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