Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Skills Leaned At School

Heard from the other room:

"Sniff, Sniff!, SNIFF!"
"Sniff, Sniff!, SNIFF!"

"Anna, are you OK in there? What are you doing?"

"I'm being careful!"
"Sniff, Sniff! SNIFF!

Coming to investigate - "yes, but what are you doing?"

"I'm sniffing out a lobster"


Suddenly seeing the shards of Smithsonian magazine 'Magical Maine' littering the floor, Anna brandishing her new safety scissors.

"Oh, don't you mean 'snipping' out a lobster?"

"No! Sniffing! Sniff, Sniff! SNIFF!"

How can I correct that?!


Anonymous said...

Ah well, I guess I should be glad then that my son really did mean 'sniffing' when I asked him what he was doing the other day and he answered "Sniffing my penis".

Godless Sunday said...

Don't you dare correct her. That is just too cute. Glad you had your camera on you. These little popsicle moments go by so fast don't they? Good thing you are smart enough to jot it down. They'll be all grown up with perfect grammar before long. Let's just enjoy them. That's my plan anyway.

susane said...

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