Friday, January 29, 2010

What To Buy A One Year Old

First of all, I'm sorry. My life has been frantic lately. My work life, out of control. You hear people saying 'my Monday morning was so crazy that when I looked at the clock it was already 5pm' - well, I look at the clock and it's already Thursday, which is my Friday, so don't be feeling too sorry for me.

I haven't had time to write, think, or most importantly read your blogs (so sorry, but in the meantime, congratulations on that birth/new job/move/mole removal - I will catch up soon). There is no room in my overstuffed brain for thought processing. I was at a big meeting this week where the jumble in my head actually leaked out of my mouth in a horrific torrent of 'oh my God I'm actually saying all this in front of a crowded room full of people and I'm veering violently off topic, and what was my point again, and how do I wrap this up and make them think I had a point and oh Lord they all now look as confused as I feel'.... I ended my public speaking ramble with 'you know,....right?' which just screams professionalism I say. I am like a Mac running PC software - full of useless information; birthdays, school meetings, appointments, shopping lists, job deadlines. I need a re-boot, or perhaps five minutes and a cup of tea, we shall never know.

Anyway, my point.

It amazed me how much I'd forgotten about infants and toddlers, case in point when I was confronted with Lucy's birthday being two weeks after Christmas. What the hell do you buy a one year old, and then two weeks later, what the hell do you buy a one year old? I always like to ask Anna for suggestions. When I asked her what I should get my Dad for his birthday she said 'a San Francisco magazine' ??? And for Christmas she thought I would appreciate a new bra. In red. Anyway, I promised myself I would write this down just in case we have a third child, my brother has a child, or someone googles 'birthday present for a one year old - red bra, appropriate or no?'

I would highly recommend these three things in order of price:

Touch and Feel books/cards - You cannot sit for more than three minutes in our house without Lucy thrusting a book/card in your face and screaming 'da!' She loves to touch the shiny fish, stroke the puppy, tickle the cat's whiskers. It all sounds a little porno but I promise you it's good, clean educational fun.

Secondly: Busy Ball Popper - I think there are a couple of versions out on the market. I was dubious at first, but it turns out that a machine that musically spits out balls is mesmerizing for a toddler. She will fly across the room to get to this thing if it's on and will then sign 'again' until you wish the William Tell Overture Muzak would put you out of your misery. I thought this might be a big, plastic, noisy waste of money, but it is bang on the money for kids ages 1 to 36yrs guaranteed. The only downsides are lightning fast battery depletion and balls that magically disappear - oh and do not entertain the idea of bringing this in to your house if you have a dog as it will be destroyed within minutes.

and finally.....A Rody

A what? Darling, you obviously don't live in Italy, or Santa Barbara, because these things are a plague. Anna swears it's a llama (because of the ears Mumma). When we discussed whether it could be a horse, a goat, an alpaca, or a defunct Olympic mascot, she rolled her eyes and said (I quote), "It is a llama. Because of its ears. You people need to stop talking now. I am tired of hearing this". I see a career in teaching.

Whatever its genus, it is bright, cheerful, wickedly fun and bouncy for an active toddler - rather like a four legged space-hopper, and it's a damn sight cheaper if you buy it online. Trust me. It does come with a stand which I frugally neglected to purchase, as such it's a little unstable for small legs, so after several crashes we've now named it the 'llama of death' and that's all I have to say about that.


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Muddling Along Mummy said...

Oooh those cards look good - Toddlergirl is the same, book obsessed !

Hope you have a great birthday - and a chance to catch breath at some point !

Grumpy Old Ken said...

You may not think your blog would interest an old fogey but you would be wrong. Being around grandchildren gives me a reason to live. give up and you can pack up.

Hyphen Mama said...

You are HIL-A-rious, so I'm sure whatever you rambled in your meeting had people in stitches. Or something.

I can attest to the fuzzy animal cards/books. My 3 year-old still fondles the cat book, the dog book and the fuzzy belly books. I cannot even imagine what kinds of emergency room visits I'd have with the llama of death in my house!!! Please post pictures.

Susan said...

Is it the llama of death even without the rickety stand? Also, where online can I purchase one? I've looked at Amazon but it still seems a bit pricy.

Anonymous said...

I have two words for you (...sorry it's probably too late for the birthday....)

wheely bug

Thank me later
Corina in NJ

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