Thursday, September 02, 2010

What Is Our Children Learning?

Thanks to George W. Bush for the title of this post.

I love this picture. They look like an old married couple reading in bed. Not tonight Josephine, I have a brand new 'High Five' to scowl at.

So, what IS our children learning? I managed to offend Sissy in a post a few days ago by suggesting that nothing was going on in Anna's Kindergarten class. For that I apologize. Kindergarten is a new experience for all of us. As parents we are learning a lot; what to expect from the classroom, and also how we can contribute, both financially and with our time. As I write this, LK is at a meeting about volunteer options. We have to give 2 hours a week at this school. He has already texted 'is it too late to trade?!'.

Why yes, yes it is.

I do know that teachers work long hours and receive very little support and funding (my Mum was a teacher for most of my childhood). I think perhaps, to quote dear W again, that I have been 'misunderestimated'. I didn't mean that Anna is doing nothing, I was trying to explain that I couldn't get out of her what she had been doing in those 3+ hours a day. The brilliant Jennifer suggested I use some 'strategery' and ask Anna 'what's the weirdest thing that happened at school today?' and it's amazing how that will open up a dialogue, or at least grant you more than an 'I dunno'.

To be fair, most of Anna's replies have centered around the toilet, but I have learned the she's planted peas, drawn a self portrait, made a calendar and, that bastion of the American education system, participated in show and tell.

After much deliberation, she decided to present A UNICORN (falls off chair in surprise).The clues were:

  1. It has four legs
  2. It has a horn, and
  3. It doesn't exist
She was apparently ruthless in her put down of young Skylar* when he suggested a dinosaur, because, duh Skylar, they did exist, just not anymore, but their bones, they do presently exist so take that pleb! I destroy you with Kindergarten semantics....

Lucy meanwhile has been hanging out with some hot chicks:

Which is all the education LK would ever like to achieve.


seadragon said...

Haha, love the GWB quotes. :)

FeatherDuster said...

Love that book reading photo.