Friday, March 18, 2011

Be Happy!

My Nanna has broken her arm.

Those of you in the States will be looking at that photo and thinking - wait, the third of what? What month comes after the 12th? I'm sorry to say it's starting to look a little strange to me too.

Back to Nanna. She is hurtling towards 91, and managed to break her arm out for a walk with a neighbour. I guarantee she walks more on a daily basis than most of the people I know. When my Mum and Dad went to visit her, on 13/3, she was up a step ladder with her arm in a cast. She couldn't operate the kettle one-handed, so she'd brewed up using a saucepan.

Nanna is completely brilliant, I would love to have half her energy. I think about being in my 90s and wonder if I'll ever make it through my 30s (I'm looking at you Lucy).

I wanted to let her know we were thinking of her so I asked Anna if she would make a card. I will fully admit that I am using Anna as unpaid child labour when it comes to greetings cards. She was all for it age 3, still quite keen age 4, but now she is starting to chafe at the shackles a bit after a particularly birthday-strewn September. She was happy to do this one though. "A get well soon card" she smiled. That was all I had to say, because now that she knows how to spell (more on that later) she needs. no. further. instruction. puhlease Mom!!

GAT WILL SOON!! The card cried, accompanied by a blue crayon drawing of a hibiscus.

Inside there was a happy face, and a sad face. "I AM HAPPY!" it read "YOU AER SAD!" then on the back "BE HAPPY!" (or else). For some reason Anna has learned to write only in capitals. Having mastered this, she really has no need of the smaller letters, so in the style of email, everything she writes is a shout. I really wish I'd taken a photo of the card before posting it, because underneath the happy/sad faces was a box that said 'feelings' except it said 'felngs'. Anna's school is heavily in to emoting these days. Describe how you feel! Happy is good! Sad is good too! *Sigh*

I'm not sure what a 90 year old will make of the ray of California feelings heading her way, but I'm sure it will help her GAT WILL SOON!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post!
I've just come home from my first MRI (and this was on my knee, so I shouldn't have been THAT far inside the tube but - being short and stubby as I am - I was up to my chin inside! Gads), anyway came home feeling a bit shakey and sure needed something sweet and funny to read - and this was it! Thank you so much!

Nimble said...

Get well to you grandmother! May we all be so active in our later chapters.

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