Monday, March 07, 2011

Science, Explained

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Anna's science project. Anna's complete failure of a science project. You all had brilliant comments, including the one that said that just because the result didn't prove our hypothesis, that didn't mean it was wrong - which is obviously completely true.

The reason I'm mentioning it again, is Anna had the most brilliant response to her white flowers failing to turn blue or red when placed in food dye coloured water. She'd obviously been thinking about it, and while I was explaining to friends about the experiment that was ruined because her mother chose the wrong kind of flowers the disproved hypothesis, Anna turned to us and said:

"Really, if you think about it, the white flowers should not have turned colours just because the water was coloured. Because if that was true, then flowers would turn clear when put in clear water".


You can't argue with that.


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