Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunani Hits Santa Barbara Harbor

When you live in an earthquake prone area and wake up to the news that somewhere else has just experienced a massive earthquake and tsunami, your heart goes out to the people involved. I know we're sitting on a ticking time bomb here in Santa Babrara.

When you watch the news and hear that a tsunami may be on the way, that it's coming from directly West and you will not be sheltered by the Channel Islands as with previous tsunamis, then more than a little frisson of fear accompanies your morning coffee. We do not live far from the ocean. It's actually just down the road - I'm sure a realtor would expound our 'peek of the ocean' if we were ever in a position to sell.

Historically, allegedly, a tsunami did once reach as far as our building, back in the 1820s, when records were more than a little sketchy. Not that our building was there then. Not this fine piece of 1970s stucco. Still, ocean front property would certainly be nothing to be sniffed at. In all honesty though we weren't too worried.

Then someone sent me a link of the tsunami rolling in to our harbour and even though it pales in comparison with what happened in Japan, or even further up the California coast, it does show that it's a small world when it comes to earthquakes....The movie shows a whirlpool forming and a  'bait shack' being dragged out to sea. I love the close up of the 'closed' sign on it!

Enjoy, and please ignore the colourful language - I think it's probably warranted!

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