Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Independence Spirit

My 15th Independence Day was my first as an American, and also the first experience of July 4th for my Mum and Dad. Reason enough to celebrate. We decked the girls out in matching red, white and blue outfits courtesy of their American Nani, then we fed them ice creams so that their regalia quickly became red, white and dairy. My daughters are anarchists, after all.

Then we headed downtown to witness a most peculiar July 4th parade. Santa Barbara has lots of parades, the most notable being, Solstice (everyone gets their hippy on and struts State Street in ski boots, body paint and pasties), and Fiesta (which is Spanish, you understand, not Mexican - Good God No). The July 4th parade had no real cohesion and it was all a bit odd really. There was a youth band from Oxnard, the mayor in a t-shirt on a golf cart, a collection of Corvettes, Girls Inc in matching t-shirts, a local autobody and detail shop throwing candy, and three or four civil war buffs firing real muskets. Damn those things were loud. A battlefield must have been a nightmare place for a migraine sufferer. Seemed like a great excuse to nip in to the new H&M while the crowds were lining the streets.

The highlight of July 4th is of course, fireworks. Fireworks are a little like dolphins - it's always a bit of a thrill to see them. We are lucky enough to be able to see the harbor fireworks from our bedroom window. Which is nice, as we don't have to go down to the beachfront and deal with the gang stabbings crowds.

One of my favourite photos of Anna was just after her first birthday, wrapped in a post-bath towel, watching the July 4th fireworks:

You can see her thinking - what the chuff??

I wanted to get the same shot of the girls this year. We had all the lights off, so I just pointed the camera and prayed. They were certainly enjoying themselves, there were 'oohs' and 'ahhs' and "I think I shall call that one the gumball machine" from Anna, and "my favourite fireworks is red" from Lucy.

This is the photo I took:

Anarchy is in her blood.


Laura said...

Oh, my goodness-- BEST "PICK" EVER! That's my girl! Thanks so much for making me laugh at work!

Darwis Symonds said...

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Anonymous said...

Your husband is wicked handsome.

Scat said...

Read several entries...please excuse the blanket comment of a fellow mother of young kids + job. I LOVED Lucy hong-kong-phooey. It was assigned to me to raise/lower the flag at school in grades 7-9 and YES no ground touching AND no flying the flag in the rain. Respect, I guess? I mostly appreciated the perrenial hall pass. And toilet training second time around. Just. Finished. That. Sort of. Nothing was motivating at all. Ok, so I made a chart and he could earn a movie. I am so lame. I am also returning to writing after a long spell. Migraines. Family health issues. Job...stuff. Totally identify. Love your stuff!

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