Thursday, July 14, 2011

Potty Training Can Be Painful

I can't believe we're back at this. I remember, all too vividly what it was like when we were potty training Anna. Going from place to place with that tiny little diaper-less bottom, like a grenade with the pin pulled.

Now it's Lucy's turn. Quite frankly, I think Lucy's diaper is the only thing keeping her trousers up these days. She has the bum and legs of a heroin addict, even her leggings flap in the breeze. But she's hit two and half, she's dry overnight, she hides when she poops. She's ready. Except she doesn't believe she is. When her eyes are teary with the strain, when her eyebrows are pink and she shuffles off for some 'pivacy' we ask her if she wouldn't rather use the toilet. "No I NOT!" She yells. We've tried bribery. "No! Go way!" she yells. We bought some very fetching tiny Dora knickers - also a failure, but for different reasons:

Anna (age 6): "Dad, why did you give me Lucy's Dora knickers to wear to school today. They are WAY too small and really uncomfortable".
LK: "Wait, Lucy has knickers now too? How am I supposed to know that?"
Me: "Anna, why on earth did you still put them on (and how?!)"
Anna: "Errr"

Potty training - it's hard on the entire family.


Jane said...

You brought back memories with this....LOL! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Al, hope all is ok, where are you?? As I said to S the other day, if you're trying to wean us off your blog, it's not working. We shall not be weaned!! I think S might be in your general vicinity soon..(but unlike you two, geography is not my strong point, so I've no idea how close your locations actually are). Anyway, how's potty training going for you? Despite wearing her big girl pants for the last 6 weeks, Kate still refuses to do her poos in the loo. It's been 3 days now since we've had a tell-tale bulge in her Peppa Pig pants, so I'm sure that tomorrow I shall be smiling at Kate and saying (through gritted teeth) "Oh well, never mind. Next time, shall we do it in the loo????!!!!!"... The joys... x A

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