Sunday, March 18, 2007


My friend C. says that one of the best things about having a 4-yr old is that you get to find out exactly what the babysitter's been up to whilst you've been out, because as soon as you get home your little canary will sing til it's blue in the face.

Anna's not quite up to dishing the dirt yet - or so I thought.

One of the advantages we had early in our nanny-sharing arrangement was that the other Mum worked from home, and so our nanny always had to be on her toes with our two in case J. walked out of her office. Unsurprisingly the nanny started taking the girls on long rides in her car; they would go to the zoo, to the parks, to the beach, everyone was happy.

This afternoon I'd decided I was going to get my lardy food after all, so I headed to the local McDonalds Drive-Thru, because if you have a toddler nothing says welcome to America like not having to get out of the car to pick up your food. We're not big junk food eaters, McDonald's is mostly road-trip food for us, and we've certainly not encouraged Anna to be a happy meal fiend, so imagine my surprise as I'm pulling off the road towards the drive-thru - not even at the drive-thru, when a little voice from the back of the car starts parroting 'fies fies ambugger fies Anna fies peas'.

Quite. Apparently those tofu nuggets I'd been feeding her last night weren't quite cutting the mustard for my little canary.


Chilly said...

All is not lost, at least she said 'please'.

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