Friday, October 05, 2007


Actual. Star. Sighting.

The other night we went out on the town without the appendage, and it was bloody marvellous. To be able to pay attention to what people are saying without having 95% of your brain on Anna damage-control - wonderful. So there we were sitting down to some sushi and hot sake with our friends Mooks and Raf (or Ass as Anna calls him), and LK turns and says "dude, check out the all-NBA table right behind us".

Literally inches from us, two giant uber-athletes, a random older bloke and a token hot Asian chick who may or may not have been an WNBA star because she was a chuffing giantess too.

Raf (with his back to the NBA table in a reverent whisper): Dude! That's Cuttino Mobley and Mike Dunleavy. Who's the guy in the sweats behind me?

LK: Shit, that's Sam Cassell

Raf, loud as you like: Dude, he is so on my all-alien team.


Eden Kennedy Onassis said...


mmennen said...

Just for the record, my husband does tend to talk loud about other people when they are in ear-shot, and I am soooo glad someone else finally called him on it!

And, just for fun, here are some other people who have made our all-alien team over the years:
Dennis Rodman
Arnold Schwarzeneger
Nick Vanexel
Anthony Robbins
and many more....

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