Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Horror

Oh America I cannot pretend to understand you.

You make Halloween an entire month-long festival of candy and costumes and props and spray-on cobwebs, yet when I drop Anna off at preschool this morning resplendent in her Tinkerbell outfit it seems she was the only belle at the ball. WTF? Halloween-a-palooza somehow doesn't extend to the actual day? There was one other pint-size fireman cowering by the rabbit hutches, but everyone else was as we Brits say 'in mufti'. What, suddenly you're all concerned about the practicality of this holiday and decide to dress everyone sensibly and appropriately? I have been assailed by pumpkin paraphernalia for weeks! I repeat, WTF?

I died a million repressed British deaths. It was the parental equivalent of that dream where you turn up to school naked. Fortunately my little Flower Fairy is 2 and didn't realise the massive faux-pas that had just been committed. She trotted off to find little Jayden/Brayden/Squayden to say "fuck yeah I'm wearing wings beotch, throw-down Ugg-boy". While I mumbled about a change of clothes being in her cubby and fled.

Her father will be picking her up.


Lucia's Mom said...

no worries, my day care had a parade at 10, and the 'teachers' dressed up the kids at 9:50. Your daughter's colleagues will probably be dressed up at some point today.

And hey, if not, it's pretty cool to dress up like a fairy!

Anonymous said...

That was TOO funny. When Tyler was in preschool I mistakenly got a memo for a Tyler in a different grade that the following day was pajama day. I still remember the mortification of walking in the door and having all the other kids staring in bewilderment at his Elmo slippers. He's fine now, after years of therapy. Chilly

Fresh Hell said...

You have to understand that the over-privileged princes, and princesses in Santa Barbara have to a) look too cool for school and b) need to keep their $7000 designer costumes clean for pictures with daddy when he gets home from the law firm.

What's this? . . . You don't run with that crowd? Shocking!

AliBlahBlah said...

Lucia's Mom - thankyou, apparently there were a couple more costumes by the time LK picked her up later, but Fresh Hell, I think you nailed it.

Summerland girl said...

Move to Texas. Every street is a block party for Halloween. It looks like you are on a movie set. I couldn't spot my little "Darth Vader" running down the street with mini micro surgeons, spiderman, power rangers, cinderellas, oh yes and little bo peep.If you didn't dress up for the parade, you were odd man out! So, I have to agree with you SB sucks for Halloween! ~Coke

Reema dsouza said...

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