Sunday, September 21, 2008

Square Eyes

How do you know if your child is watching too much TV?

Not necessarily when they can name all of the Backyardigans, or when they say 'I've seen this episode'. It's when they say:

"Mom, would you like to get more for your money?"

at least it was that and not:

"Do you have embarrassing odour, that itch you can't scratch?"


Almost American said...

At our house it was the suggestion that I should buy a Dyson. Someone had been watching infomercials early on a Saturday morning before mommy and daddy were awake!

Oh, and the comment "You know you're supposed to read to your kids 15 minutes a day" at least reassured me that they're watching PBS!

Tranny Head said...

Good Lord. Well - at least it wasn't one of the million erectile disfunction type drugs. I mean - why are those ads always on during family-appropriate television shows?!

mmennen said...

I am afraid that your daughter might have learned that comment from my husband, or maybe Sophie - they are both drive a tough bargain. ; )

Hyphen Mama said...

hahaha... that's too funny.

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