Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've signed up for NaBloPoMo again.

Because I'm insane.

Because I owe a debt of honour to Fussy, my old next-door-neighbour, who actually birthed the concept of NaBloPoMo, and also coincidentally birthed a baby in her bathroom, both of which inspire awe and respect.

(Note, I will follow her with NaBloPoMo, but there is not a chance in hell Baby #2 will be born anywhere but in the hospital, with me attached to a drip full of drugs - unless of course I slip in the shower at 41 weeks and creature #2 shoots out and skitters across the lino in a torrent of amniotic fluid....).

Sorry, I digress, so I will be attempting to post every day in November, a rather ridiculous mission considering that these days if I'm not at work I'm asleep. Consider the fact that I've eked out a grand total of seven (7) posts this month, I think I have my work cut out for me. Basically I have to write 'cut fingernails' on my LOTTD (list of things to do) because otherwise it will just not get done (JN*F*GD).

I think I need a challenge like this to shake me up a bit. I've been signing up for a lot of crazy things these days (hosting book club, volunteering at Anna's school) as if I'm aware that if not now, when. Answer? Never. The New Year and the New Baby are hovering just over the horizon and I'm trying to fit things in, and that includes posting.

I've been lax.

And you probably thought it was because I had nothing of interest to write about! Shame on you. Why, only this morning LK was leaving the house and said 'can I have a goodbye kiss please' to Anna, only to have her reply 'sure, but I've got to make some calls first' then she turns her back on him, grabs her cow cell phone and starts chatting away, to who? Someone important that's who, leaving LK pausing to reflect how many times he's said to her 'sure, I'd love to read a book/hunt for bugs/play Princesses I just have to make some calls first'. Passive aggression or mimicry? You be the judge.

Or how about my doctor this week who during my routine appointment went, 'your blood pressure's great, bloodwork's spectacular (I'm not making this up), weight is great,' .......and while I'm busy thinking, dude, slow down on the coffee, he without skipping a beat says 'have we talked about sterilisation?'


And you thought I had nothing to write about. Hold on to your hats people, November's going to be fu-uh-un.


ExpatKat said...

Blimey, sterilization talk already. Is that why so many Americans only have 2 kids?

Trannyhead said...

Wow - that image of Baby #2 is so hawt I lack words to fully verbalize the hawtness.

Hyphen Mama said...

OH MY GAWD *creature #2 shoots out and skitters across the lino in a torrent of amniotic fluid*... PEE MY PANTS FUNNY!!!