Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Today was a massive day in the K household. A crucial meeting to decide our future.

To cut a very long and involved story short, the City approved our planning proposals, our future, and unknowingly our second child. Now all I have to do is persuade LK that Doodle #2 is a good idea!!

I'm going to confess a completely daft superstition I have been giving too much credence to in the run-up to this huge meeting. And yes I do realise this is the second 'superstitious' post in less than a month, and that does make me a really sad cow, but these have been desperate times people.

I'm almost loathe to admit this, because if there is anyone out here reading this, I'd hate for them to get contaminated by this ridiculous superstition too.

If I see a digital clock that reads '9:11' it means bad luck is on its way (for obvious reasons) and 9:10 means good luck, as it's my birthday. Trust me, it's almost impossible to look at a clock without me seeing 9:11, this has been an incredibly pessimistic year.

When I changed Anna's nappy last night it was 9:11, when I finished putting out fires at work this morning it was 9:11. It's a digital ides of March for me. But when I sat down for the meeting thinking all was lost, (a 2pm meeting meant not a chance of seeing a clock say 9:10) our consultant said 'we need to pull the plans from September, the ones dated 9:10', I just about fell off my chair, and bingo, we got approval.

We're not home free yet, there's the possibility of public appeals, ridiculous months of construction and graft, more loans, and many many more 9:11's on the clock, but cheers everyone, I hope you all get the Christmas present that I just did! More wine please!

Now I just have to convince myself that I haven't tempted fate by confessing these 'signs' to a public forum.

Sad sad cow.

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