Friday, December 01, 2006

Thankyou for calling..

Imagine installing a brand new phone system in a doctor's office, where it is absolutely imperative people get through in order to learn who the on-call doc is. Imagine looking after an 18-month old girl for six hours straight in a small cluttered office. Imagine doing both at the same time.

The voicemail message recording took about an hour of that time and went something like this...

'Thankyou for calling blah doctors office, if this is a true medical you need to go potty?'
Please hang up and not in the mouth
and and ask that the on Anna that Sharps container is not a toy.

I should have known that the 'we'll have it up and running for you in about an hour, no worries' approach was too good to be true.

Don't feel bad for me though, feel bad for anyone who had a genuine medical emergency between the hours of 10am and 4pm today that didn't involve the potty.

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