Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Pancake Day!

Or as LK said this morning, "Happy Pancake Guy Fawkes". I keep him around because he's pretty.

Here's some vintage footage of LK flipping pancakes (notice the intense concentration, requiring him to stick his tongue out).

Here's me, 5 months pregnant with Anna, showing off my years of honed pancake-flipping prowess (no tongue but a good amount of lower jaw).

By 'eck, look at the height on that pancake. Almost flirting with the ceiling.

.....and finally, here's today's effort. Not bad if I do say so myself. It would almost make you hungry if you hadn't just eaten ten of the damn things, making me look substantially more pregnant than I was in the above photo.

Those aren't miniature lemons by the way, they're home-grown key limes courtesy of my father-in-law. Because the fake lemon juice I had in my fridge expired Nov '05.

A fact we discovered on pancake number three.

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