Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's surprising how many people, otherwise seemingly sane people, have found out we're having another baby in early January and have said 'oh, you're having a Capricorn, good luck with that', or 'hmm, a Capricorn they'll have a lot of energy and drive' (to which I was thinking, well someone in this family could do with some).

Six months ago if you'd have asked me what star sign early January was, I'd have drawn a blank. I know Virgo (me), and Taurus (LK), and I know that Anna is a Gemini for the same reason that I now know creature #2 will be a Capricorn - because people told me. I also know that Virgo and Taurus are a good match, and hey we have 11 years of blood, sweat and tears to prove that.

I have this smug dismissive disinterest in horoscopes. Claptrap. This is despite the whole Virgo/Taurus lurve-match thing, and despite the fact that if I look up the characteristics of a Virgo (precise, meticulous, anal-retentive) it is ME, ME, ME (shrewd, witty, clever - seriously I'm just quoting the heavens....). Despite those uncanny accuracies I do not consult my horoscope, and will only read it if stuck in a doctors office with nothing better to do.

Fortunately for me, my latest rounds of tests and appointments and general medical shenanigans have left me plenty of time to exhaust this month's supply of People magazines and move on to something different. In fact, I was so aware that I would be stuck with June's 'Parenting' magazine at yesterday's OB appointment that I thought ahead and packed my own *guilty pleasure* Hello! (As a side note it is ri-dic-ulously expensive over here, but I share it with a Danish lady who works across the hall from me, she buys it one week, I buy the other. Fascinating.). It was a good job I'd packed it too as Dr. Beaver was called away to an emergency C-section and I was there for nearly an hour.

Anyhoo. This was the gist of my horoscope for the week:

"Don't argue. Just do as you are told. Knuckle under. Acquiesce. Agree. Surrender. Why are you so reluctant? Show a little gratitude and humility. Bow, curtsey or touch your forelock. If you won't demonstrate due deference to your superiors, you deserve all the trouble and conflict you are likely to get this week".


My mother-in-law arrives tonight for a three week visit.

What the chuff?!! Likelihood of advice being followed: nil, but still, a little close to home I fear. Maybe there's more to this mercury ascending stuff than meets the eye.

What about you lot? What are you, and do you believe?


Tranny Head said...

I think those horoscopes are designed to be vague and thus inclusive to everybody. As in "You may want to go out this week, but you may want to stay home."

On the other hand, after my realtor burned sage in my stupid condo? I got an offer and it sold THE WEEK AFTER.

So I can't poo-poo anything anymore.

mmennen said...

I fully believe in my Libra traits (with a little Scorpio mixed in since I am on the cusp), HOWEVER I definitely take a horoscope written for every Libra with a grain of salt. That's where it gets me, how can it work for every person in the world born at the same time of the year as me?

I think I believe in Good Feng Shui more than horoscopes.....

mcCutcheon said...

capricorns are awesome. I'm a capricorn. Have I mentioned how awesome we are? ;)

Elsie Button said...

I am with you on the 'smug dismissive disinterest' of horoscopes. People say the same to me about my daughter who is a scorpio - oo-er look out, scorpios are awful. charming.

I love the fact you share the Hello buying!

Norm said...

I believe in fortune cookie fortunes.

But then again, I'm a Capricorn (too!), so take that with a grain of salt.

Bluestreak said...

I´m a capricorn. But I have to admit, my eyes glaze over when people talk to me about horiscopes. I just don´t get it or how anyone could take that stuff seriously (no offense to anyone, I´m well aware there are way more people out there that are into this stuff than the ones like me, so I´m the weird one).

Anonymous said...

timing is everything...my sister currently has a roommate that is into astrology and she told my sister that I am a triple aries..whatever that means...my sister thought it was hysterical and told her roommate that I was a redhead to boot. so do you think my sister thinks I'm a head strong bitch or what :)

Hyphen Mama said...

Oh yes! Mack is a Leo. I heard that same thing when I was pregnant: OH watch out for the Leo, he'll really keep you on your toes.

Or---eeeew a Leo...ouch.

What the heck? As if I've got an astrology book memorized and know what Leo traits are. But I do have a friend who's a Leo and BOY IS SHE NEEDY.

Expatmum said...

I go back and forth. I mean we know that the moon has an effect on the tides, so why not the stars and everything?
I too am a Virgo, and pretty typical. But my brother and sister are also Virgos and we're nowt alike - although that could be because we were all born in different decants or something.
Someone at the Purple Coo web wite had a brilliant astrology web site, where you plug in a few details about yourself and a huge report comes up. Mine was astonishing. When I get back to Chicago I will find it and send it to you.
Oh and, BTW, with a 2nd baby coming along, some of those Virgo traits will take a real bashing!!

Antonia said...

Oh my God, your obstetrician is called Dr Beaver.

Anonymous said...

My youngest was born in January 07 and is mild mannered, quiet, sensitive and very loving. I don't know if I believe all that stuff. I mean, sometimes they get the traits right, but I am a Sagittarius who was born 8 weeks early and should have been an Aquarius. Who knows?

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I don't believe the western stuff, I like the chinese zodiac...so much more user friendly. Pig, monkey, dragon, tiger....it's all good.

if you're stuck for reading matter in the quack's...


it's a great book and neatly links the western zodiac signs too.

now i sound like an agent for Theodora Lau, but I'm not.

enjoy mother in law.


jenB said...

I selectively believe in whatever I feel like. ha! I am a Capricorn and find myself to have lots of Capricorn friends. December 31st, 1969 baby!

Janet said...

I'm interested in astrology, but how accurate day to day predictions are, I've no idea. However, you, hubby and the new baby are all earth signs, Anna is the odd one out.

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