Friday, August 22, 2008

Single Umbilical Artery


She's. Utterly. Appropriate.

The results are in and she's fine. I feel like screaming "I'm going to have a baby!!"

Huge sigh of relief. We called everyone we could that were in appropriate time-zones and then I collapsed in complete exhaustion, the released pent-up fear of the last week (months?) leaving me like a punctured blow-up doll.

It was so disconcerting to feel the squirms and kicks of this daughter-to-be whilst not knowing her fate. Almost as if I couldn't allow myself to continue bonding.

It's amazing how quickly that feeling of euphoria at the results was followed by a sudden willingness to accept the cold, hard facts of the situation. Well of course everything was fine, the doctor said as much, and my bloodwork was excellent. Why the anxiety? The fact that I may still have a small baby (ha!) or an early baby (please not Christmas) or that she may have kidney problems seem so trivial, so, fixable that I am on cloud nine.

I'm having a chuffing baby!


american mum said...

So happy for you. :)

mcCutcheon said...

Yay! that is great news :)

Expatmum said...

Ah bless. With my situation, the doctor said that we now have so much technology, we can see stuff that can't be explained or may not even be there. My little one's brain problem had totally cleared up by the time he was born. Agonizing though.
Congratulations. I think you should let us all suggest (and vote) names.

Robyn said...

Yay, I'm glad you got good news! Congrats!

Hyphen Mama said...

*stands up clapping*

I'm SO happy the news is good. Big sigh of relief.


Daffodilly said...

Hurrah I'd say alleluliah but not quite sure how to spell it! As you can see I am not religious!

Great news!

Anonymous said...

hooray - great news.  I still think your husband shoud be waiting on you hand and foot until the birth and at least six months after that.  Love Fluffy

mama speak said...

So very glad for you all.

It's going to be so very good.

ExpatKat said...

Oh Ali, I'm so happy for you! What a relief. You must feel exhausted after all that worry, but it's ok now, you can get on with the whole bonding thing. You're really HAVING A BABY! Hurrah!!

Lucia's Mom said...

Wonderful! I hope once you get past the trauma of what you've been through, what will be left is an even greater love and appreciation for the miracle within, if that is even possible!

Hugs! Cristen

Antonia said...

Oh thank goodness - I've been hoping and hoping she'd be fine. I have tears in my eyes now, damn you.